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PredictEasy is an user-friendly, highly efficient and cost-effective solution that seamlessly integrates analytics and ML in Google SheetsTM


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    Google sheet is used by everyone for collecting data and for performing simple analysis, but now with the help of PredictEasy, advanced analytics can be done with just a few clicks and it helps …


    Students & Researchers

    PredictEasy is used by students and educators in academic settings to learn as well as teach statistical concepts and complete assignments and by researchers as well for statistical analysis and research purposes.


    Business & Industry

    Helps professionals in business and industries like manufacturing, logistics, finance, marketing, supply chain management and much more.


    Quality Managers

    Can be widely used in the field of quality management for process improvement, Six Sigma projects, and statistical process control (SPC


    Data analysts & Scientists

    Utilised by data analysts and statisticians to perform statistical analysis, create visualisations, and generate reports for decision-making. 

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    Incorporate No code analytics with Google SheetsTM

    All users will be given a credit of $100 for free

    Install PredictEasy from google workspace marketplace and experience the power of advanced analytics in Google SheetsTM.